5 Best Nepali Actresses of the year

2071 might not have been relaxing for Nepali Cinema but it certainly wasn’t disappointing. The expectations of the film industry have raised due to release of two movie ‘Nai Na Bhannu la 3’ and ‘Hawaldar Suntali’ at the end of the year.
Which have relieved the artists who were not able to give even a single successful movie throughout the year. On the other hand the surrounding that the audiences are again going to visit the cinema halls in the film industry has been created. Among 85 movies released this year only 10 out of them were successful.
But in case of actresses, they came into gossip because of different reasons. Acting of actresses of not so hit movie’s got praised for her acting whereas acting of actresses of hit movies didn’t shine that much. We have created this list of 5 best actresses from different bases.
Taking Business of movie, engagement of artists, coverage through media in the air, reviews of online viewers etc as base the list has been created.

1. Priyanka Karki: This year actress Priyanka Karki was very buys in the Film Industry. This year she worked with movies of goof banners which will release next year. This year only one of Priyanka’s movie was a hit i.e. ‘Nai na vannu la 3.’
Except this, movies like ‘Mero Best friend’, ‘Aawaran’. ‘Punte Pared’(Lead role), ‘Shree pach ambare’(Item song), ‘Suntali’, ‘Mala’, ‘Sadanga’ which she had done were not successful. But in ‘Suntali’ and ‘Mala’ her performance was really complimented about. Similarly, Priyanka Karki was introduced as a really goof Item Girl this year.
Priyanka was all over the media throughout the year. Her demand increased in International as well as national programs. As compared to other actresses Priyanka’s demand on advertisement field was seen to be more. Likewise, she got more than 1 Lakh followers on Facebook this year. In the award functions conducted nationally and internationally her hands weren’t empty. Because of these reasons we are declaring Priyanka Karki as No.1 actress of the year.Priyanka Karki Promoting her Movie Nai Nabhannu La 2
2. Rekha Thapa: Rekha Thapa is the superstar of Nepali Film Industry. This year she did 3 movies of her own banner and other banners. Among which only movie of her own banner ‘Himmatwali’ had a good business.
Business of ‘Tathastu’ and ‘Damdar’ was seen to be average. Audience came to cinema hall to see Rekha but there were not much compliments on her acting skills. Rather than acting she was on gossip because of other reasons. She was all over media throughout the year because of her scandals and expressions.
From this year Rekha herself became a director. According to Facebook like page, Rekha is the most gossiped celebrity of Nepal. Around 13 Lakh fans have liked on her Facebook page. Rekha made two victims of rape actresses whereas she was forward in case of social services too.rekha-thapa-_news-
3. Keki Adhikari: Keki Adhikari is a very much seen face in Nepali movies and music videos. Her 5 movies were released this year.
But, business of all 5 movies weren’t satisfying. Even though her movies weren’t that successful her work was loved by the audience. Keki Adhikari’s movies, ‘Mero Best friend, My Promise. Thulo Manchey, Shree Panch Ambare and Punarjanma’ were released this year. Among which ‘Punarjanma’ hardly collected its investment and others were flop.
This year Keki Adhikari was gossiped a lot on media. The young generation take her as a idol too. Keki’s status on social media and the feedbacks of fans are amusing. In spite of her flop movies she is getting a lot of new works.
By giving a responsible expression on social media this actress who stays away fron scandals was awarded as a strong person in social way. She was also awarded as the best actress in the ‘7th Afta Film Awards’ this year.keki1
4. Namrata Shrestha: 2071 was normal for Namrata Shrestha. Her movie ‘November Rain’ was hit from the first. This is why audience prefer Namrata’s love story movies. But, in the middle she ruined something. Due to which her movies, ‘Tandab’, ‘Soul Sisters’ and ‘Sambodhan’ were unsuccessful.
Even though in case of movies it was normal for Narmrata. This year she was introduced as a producer. Coming year Namrata has got such movies, which might make her happy once again. This year Namrata and ‘Tandab’s actor Ashish Rana’s ‘Lahure’ko prem got gossiped.
On the other hand news of break up and path up with her lover Ghale also got her into gossip. Namrata Shrestha is an actress who has situated herself in the brand market. Namrata is also stong in brand endorsement.namrata
5. Nita Dhungana: This year Nita Dhungana’s only one movie was released. The business of ‘Bhul Bhulaiya’ made the actress happy.
Other than this Nita was busy this year doing half a dozen of movies. She was all over the media after announcing herself about the affair between Lover Amesh Bhandari. She did photo sessions and conversations on different places.
Some expected movies of Nita are being released next year. Nita Dhungana’s work was complimented with her acting and dance skills too. She is known to have a good impression on media as she was in gossip because of different reasons.nita

source: onlinekhabar