5 countries in the world where sun never sets

sunsetSometimes we feel that the day would never end. The night would not fall. But what will happen if the sun never sets and night never falls? You might be shocked to know that there are countries in the world where it is always day.

Here are 5 countries in the world where sun never sets:
1. Norway:
In Norway sun does not set from May to June for 76 days. So, Norway is known as the ‘Land of the midnight sun’. But it does not happen in the entire country. Sun sets in the eastern part of the country. Normally tourists spend their time here by cycling, fishing, golfing etc.

sunset12. Sweden:
In Sweden sun sets only at midnight from May to August and rises again at in the morning. The night sun can be enjoyed in Sweden too. This can be enjoyed in 14 islands in the capital. These islands connected by Mälaren Lake and Baltic ocean have covered 30% of Scot home in water. The midnight sun set looks stunning from here.

sunset23. Iceland:
In European country Iceland too, sun does not set from 10th of May till the end of August. Beautiful scenarios can be seen with the night sun. Natural beauties like waterfall, volcano, ice rivers can be seen here.

sunset34. Canada:
In some parts of Canada too, sun does not set in summer season for nearly 50 days. Tourists enjoy here because sun sets at midnight.

sunset45. Finland:
In majority of land of Finland, sun can be seen regularly for 73 days during summer. During the time of the year, tourists tend to visit here a lot.