Aadha Gagro Pani video by Suvash Sundas

A new Nepali modern song has been released and the music video of the song has been uploaded on official YouTube channel of High Lights Nepal. The title of the Nepali modern song is Aadha Gagro Pani ( UDNA DEU ).

The modern song is a very romantic and beautiful song.The singer of the song has tried to express a modern love story through the song.

The singer of the new Nepali modern song ‘Aadha Gagro Pani ( UDNA DEU )’ is Suvash Sundas. The lyrics of the song have been written by Prakash ” Kshanik” and the music composer of the song is Kalyan Singh. The music video of the song contains choreography by Kamal Saud. It further contains edit by Madhab Belbase and cinematography by Amrit Sunuwar. The music video of the song has been edited by Mohan Raj Adhikari and artist Renuca Singh Thakuri is starring in the music video of the song.