Aafailai Retne video by Pushkar Sunuwar

Love sometimes be the beautiful thing in the world and sometime it becomes like the sharp knife on the life. Life sometimes with love gets easier and sometimes the same love doesn’t give people to live happily.

In this song you can see a touching love story. There is a great deep and immen$e love with each other but unfortunately they couldn’t share the happiness for longer. One day as they were going somewhere they gets an fe@rful @cc!dent where both of them inj*ured but unfortunately the girl is de@d there and the boy is alive with lots of p@!n and incomplete life. It is very hard to live the life without the one whom we love and it is more hard to know that the one you love no longer exists in the world. The boy after the girl is de@d gets sh@ttered, his all happiness were taken with her life. He alone gets lost in his own world where there was only s@dness.

Such a touching song is written by T.B. Adhikari where the melody is filled by Pushkar Sunuwar. Shankar Adikari composed the music and gave direction to this song where Om Prasad edited this music video.