Aaideuna video by Nabin Khadka

Model Pratap has been infatuated by a girl’s eyes, lips and beauty. He has requested the girl he likes to look at him once. His this request has been shown in a music video of new song by singer Nabin Khadka. The title of the song is ‘Aaideuna’ and it is a very beautiful song.

The music video has been uploaded on official YouTube channel of Medianp Entertainment and it is a very nice song. In the song the singer is trying to express how he has been attracted by a girl and how he can not stop looking at her and through the song he is trying to request the girl to come to him and talk to him just once. The lyrics of the song have been written by the singer Nabin Khadka himself and he is also the music composer of the song. Models Pratap, Sabina and Minakshi can be seen in the music video of the song.

The director of the music video is Sudip Baral. Baral is also the cinematographer of the music video and the arranger of the song is Sanjaya Lwagun.