Aanshu Pani video by Bishnu Khatri & Devi Gharti

A new Nepali folk song has been uploaded on official YouTube channel of Music Nepal which is among the most popular YouTube channels of Nepal. Hundreds of Nepali songs and music videos are uploaded on the channel every week and it is very popular. The title of the new folk song that has been uploaded on the channel is Aanshu Pani.

The song is a presentation of Pashupati Music and it is a very sentimental love song. The song sums up the fear of losing someone you love. The song is very beautiful and the singers have done a very good job of adding the emotions of losing someone in the song.

The singer of the beautiful folk song ‘Aanshu Pani’ are Bishnu Khatri & Devi Gharti. The lyrics of the song have been written by Prasad Lamichhane who is also the music composer of the song. The music video of the song has been directed by Kapil Lama and artists Buddhabir and Asha Khadka are starring in the music video.