Accept Gara Friend Request video by Bhupu & Sangita Ft. Alisha Rai

Latest Nepali music video funny song about the present context of adult people of developing countries like Nepal, Bangladesh and other who use social sharing site like Facebook, Twitter, Whatsapp and others. The title of this song is ‘Accept Gara Friend Request” which is released on 20 January, 2017 through social sharing online media site, YouTube from thye official subscribe channel of Genius Music Private Limited.

Singers of this latest Nepali music video song which is very funny and social ‘Accept Gara Friend Request” are Bhupu Pandey and Sangita Thapa. Beautiful, divine and alluring lyrics of this song are written by Ekendra Khadka and the matching as well as comfort music is composed by Bhupu pandey. Music arranger of the song is Narendra Pyasi. Production and distribution of this song is done by GeniusMusic.

In the video of this latest Nepali funny music video song about the Facebook, Alisha Rai and D-Inxectz Crew members are starring directed by D-Inxectz members. Cinematographer and editor of this latest music video are Gyanendra Sharma and Prabin Shrestha respectively. Audio and video of this latest song are made under the banner of Genius Digital Private Limited.