Adrishya Yo Ghauma video by Purnakala BC & Padamraj BK

Adrishya Yo Ghauma is a Nepali Lok Dohori song which contains the sentiments on it. This song is focused on sentiments and emotions on love. People in love dedicate their entire happiness and the entire thing. They gets so habitual with each, even the thought of departure hunts them like a nightmare. They cannot be able to afford to loose someone they lose.

Even they cannot think to lose anyone they love the most. Here in this song too the entire theme is focused as this. The girl and the boy are in deep and immense love with each other. They are so deep in love with each other that they have no another life except each other. They better feels easy to d!e rather than living without each other. They both are in love with each other and they don’t want to lose and wants to marry soon.

Mahendra Singh and Lal Bahadur BK wrote the lyrics of this song where the melody is filled by Purnakala BC and Padamraj BK. Music is composed by Padamraj BK where you can see the artist like Apsana Thapa, Durga Babu, Padam Raj and Anjali in this video as a lead role where the video is been directed by Bikram Chauhan.