Amazing cooking hacks

We need food to survive and we eat 3 or more than 3 times in a day. It is a very normal phenomenon for someone to get hungry and want to eat some food.

So, in order to eat we need to cook. Some people take cooking very $er!ously and try to make the most yummy and tasty food as they are passionate about it but some are very lazy and prefer eating out rather than cooking by themselves.

But this video which compiles a few cooking hacks might make you want to start cooking because this video has some cooking tricks which will make cooking easier and more faster.

In the video, the first trick is peeling an egg with out any effort. Peeling an egg in mass can be quite annoying especially when they are hot. So, you cam simply put some eggs in a jar and close the lid followed by shaking the jar v!gorously. The shaking will crack the shell and loosen it’s grip making it effortless to peel off.

You can use the same technique to peel of garlic cloves. Peeling off garlic is even more annoying than peeling egg and through the video you can see that you can do this work effortlessly through this method.

There are also some other tricks shown in the video which will make cooking easier.