Antaral Nepali Official full movie

With time every thing changes. It is a very common thing but as it is very over whelming for many people. The changes that take place in just a few years can be shocking sometimes. Antaral is a 2013 Nepali movie which is quite similar. The movie has been presented by Jibansathi Films and it is about the changes that took place between 4 friends in a just time interval of 4 years. The movie is very meaningful and relate able to many people.

Actors starring in the movie are Kamal Mani Nepal, Ashishma Nakarmi, Namrata Sapkota, GhanuShaya, Joshi, Lokendra lekha, Manav Subedi, Ruby Rana, Amitesh Shah,Ujwal Sharma Bhandari, Rajkumar Pudasaini and Jibansathi Basnet. The movie is very wonderful as it is a very realistic movie and many can relate to it.

The director of the movie is Dipa Basnet and the producer of the movie are B.B Basnet and Laxmi Kanta Pandey. The music of the entire movie has been composed by Shashi Bikram Thapa. The movie contains cinematography by Shiva Ram Shrestha and he editor of the movie are Ashim Chitrakar and Buddha Ratna Maharjan. The entire movie has now been uploaded on YouTube and is available for everyone to see.