Aren’t You My School Friend Prank

Prank nowadays is being a trend and we can see most of the prank videos on YouTube channel. Prank means fooling others making people confuse about the things.

In this video you can see such a entertaining prank where some groups of boys are trying to fool people around the street and the beach of the sea.

This prank is all about fooling the people around telling them as their school friend. They are trying to fool them and make them feel confused. Firstly they did this with some girls where they told that they were from same school and they used to be good friend and there is no contact now and those girl gets so confused and think that they are trying to act or tease them, similarly they did this with some group of girls where one of the boy was present along them and he tried to scold them but they however carried it away and they also fooled the couples who were dating there. It was so awkward moment for that girl who was there with her boyfriend.

But at the end they told everyone that they were just doing a prank and everyone there got sh)cked that they are been captured there being fooled.