Aryan- Suwash teamed up to make ‘Classic’

Before this Aryan Sigdel and Suwash Giri had mad the movie ‘November Rain’. After the success of their previous movie they once again teamed up to make movie ‘Classic’ together. They informed about this in a program organise on Monday in Kathmandu. The movie which is going to be presented by Aryan Sigdel Entertainment is going to be produce by Suwash Entertainment. The movie getting produce by Dinesh Raut has got the same couple of ‘November Rain’, Aryan Sigdel and Namrata Shrestha.

The movie which is getting started in Baishak 15 is said to e getting released in coming Magh 29.This movie is based on the musical love story. It is said that it is a love story between toe blind people. Aryan and Namrata is going to be in the character of Samaya and Dristi. The movie is also going to have Sumana KC. Prajwal sujal Giri, Sushil Kafle, Sunil Rawal and Paul Shah.The movie is going to have music of Taraprakash Limbu, shot of Rajesh Shrestha and Chachet Gurung is working for the short story for the movie.