Bato Nachheka video By Yam Sunar & Purnakala BC

“Bato Nachheka” is a new lok folk music video song which have just been released in market. The music video and the song revolves around the very painful moment when a beloved person goes far away for long time. This music video song is a filming of a real life of many people these days. It is heart melting song with heart touching issue of recent life of most of the people.

Yam Sunar and Purnakala BC have sang the song with soulful voice. They have given the very appropriate voice and emotions to the lyrics of singer himself Yam Sunar. Yam Sunar has also done the music of the song.

Ekindra Sara Shankar have directed the music video with featuring of artists Manjita KC and Prem Soni. Harish Mahara is a cinematographer of the music video and editing is of Girish Rijal. The emotions and feeling of this new released music video song is of very painful.

A husband is leaving his beloved wife in home alone and leaving for abroad to earn some wealth for the better life in coming days. But, the heart of wife is not making a disturbance in his dream. His wife is creating a obstacles with her m!$tress emotions and husband is asking not to do so because this is all for her.