Bhagawanle Bato Layko video by Ramu Birahi and Purnakala B.C

There are many girls out there who get into relation ship with some guy just for money. They so not care about love or feelings but all they care about is money.

A new Nepali folk song has been uploaded on YouTube which is also about such girls. The title of the song is Bhagawanle Bato Layko’ and it is a very emotional folk song. Through the song, the singer is trying to express the feelings of a guy who was left but the girl he loved only because he has no money. The girl that the singer loves leaves him for a guy who has a lot of money and can provide her expensive things.

The singer of the emotional song ‘Bhagawanle Bato Layko’ are Ramu Birahi and Purnakala B.C. The lyrics of the song have been written by Krishna Pariyar who is also the music composer of the song. The music video song has been directed by Ramu Birahi and is a presentation of Sathibhai Digital. Models Dil kumabr B.C and Karishma Dhakal are starring in the music video of the song.