“Bihe Pachhi Khulchha” video by Tulsi Gharti

Panchebaja is mostly used in marriage. This is one kind of national instrument that is used in most of the marriage. This is very entertaining kind of instrument and the music too comes that entertains people and everyone feels like dancing, once it is played. Here is the song “ BIhe Pachhi Khulchha” which is very entertaining song and the instrument is beautifully played on this song.

As the marriage season is on, this song too fills the vibes of marriage as the every lines and music on this song is very entertaining. Even you can see people dancing in this song video. This is very entertaining. Arabindra Bhattarai wrote the lyrics of this song and the music on this song was also composed by him. Tulsi Gharti coordinated him in the vocals on this song. Dipasha BC, Arabindra Bhattarai, Tika jaisi, JP paudel & Rabindra Bhattarai, Rekha Paudel, Sushil Adhikari, Roman Luitel are the main models in this song as they have shown their entertaining performance on this song video which is been directed by Bikram Chauhan and edited by Milan B.K.

Overall the song reflects the culture and tradition of Nepalese. Most of the marriage is celebrated like this.