” Bityo Jindagi” video By NabaRaj JUng Thapa

Junge Production presents the song “Bityo Jindagi” which is very touching and soothing song. This song is very pleasing as well as it contains all the emotions and deep feelings on this song.

Every person has the wants to live longer, they has the dreams which they wants to fulfill in their life. They don’t want to d!e soon and they often fights with the death. They want to live their life to the fullest but who know that they could d!e any where at any time. No one knows that how and ho will they d!e they just hope that they will live longer and they will have lots of things to do in between.

Similarly in this song there is a painful story, the story is about a girl who is k!lled by two man. Those c*ruel people k!lled her without any fault just for few minutes satisfaction, they didn’t knew the value of her life but she had lot to do with her life which remain incomplete and the song is based on the same thing.

She wanted to live long but god was not so fair with her and she d!ed. Such a emotional song is written by Nabaraj Jung Thapa and the music was also composed by him where the melody on this song is filled by Nikita Thapa. Milan Karki directed and edited this video of the song where Dipen Bhatta did the cinematography of this song video.