Bus plunges 100 feet from hill in Nepal

Majority of roads in Nepal have been made by carving hills and stony cliffs. The roads have high hills on one side and there is a hu*ge drop to the river on the other side.

The roads are very rocky and during rainy season the roads get even worse. Every year thousands of people die because of different accidents. Even stones and huge rocks fall from the top of the hills and the turns make them even worse.

During the fuel cr!sis in Nepal, the number of accidents increased even more. The number of people in bus increased creating even more load in the bus. The number of @ccidents accelerated.

Now a new report has been made by an international new regarding an @ccidents took place while a bud over packed with people lost it;s balance and fell 200 meters below the hill. During the @cc!dent 20 people were dead and 25 were severely !nju*red. The bus was heading to Kathmandu from Rasuwa and got into a very $er!ous @ccident.