Business is not just about earning: Guna Chandra Bista

It is a fact that with a proper $trategy and devotion to money, a person will not be able to get profit. But this Nepali man from Chitwan has changed the stereo types.

Guna Chandra Bista was born in a very prosperous and happy family. He never had any kinds of problems. But one day in 2035 he walked inside the ashram of Osho and decided that is is going to live life like him.

He started ti follow Osho’s saying and started to person meditation and other programs in many Osho ashrams. But in no time he decided to open his very own poultry farm. He is a very genuine person and says that he does not want to cheat in order to earn money. He does his work in the most fair way possible. Now the eggs produced from his farm are exported world wide.

Not only that he also own the most popular has company of Nepal which is Nepal gas. He bought the gas company in 2070 B.S. He earns a lot of money and own the companies but he prefers being called a business man but not owner of those companies. He says that he doe snot know where the money comes from and he only knows that he gets the money from bank. He donated most of his earning to the charity and believes that the real happiness is in sharing.