Interview With Prashna Shakya

Singer Prashna Shakya, who have earned a huge popularity with song like “Awaj Deu”, “Hamro Gaule Jiwan”, “A Meri Junkiri Birana” is back in market with her solo album after a long period of gap. Prashna have come back after 6 years gap where she have felt a great differences in recent music environment. She have gained a huge support …

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Interview with Model and Singer Jyoti Magar

Jyoti magar is one of the Lok Dohori Singer who came from western Nepal. She started her journey from the song like “Uhi Mulako Sinki, Uhi Mulako Chana”, “Jimaal Bau Ki Chori”. She told that she thought she didn’t thought that people will believe her so she started her songs giving it to sing others. She is a good singer …

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Interview with Actor and Model Paul Shah

From the western Nepal, Dang for the further study entered a young boy who only had a aim to study well after getting into Kathmandu. Except study there was no any dream but recently he has become an actor. He only had a dream to make his father proud, his father had a dream to make him a major of …

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