Interview with popular actor Madan Krishna Shrestha

Popular actor Madan Krishna Shrestha has made a $er!*ous allegation that since the political parties tried to make citizens a vote bank, Nepal is becoming a partial country. In an interview with Media NP on Wednesday, he accused that the feeling of casteism, regionalism are increasing because of the politicians who gave many assurance to the citizens to make them …

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Singer Hamal reveals about the broken relation with Pashupati Sharma

Looking over the Nepali Music sector, it is very hard to raise the investment invested in the music by artists. But the no of artists joining the industry is increasing. This competition seen in the sector of singing, the demand of singer Radhika Hamal is still increasing. Hamal has recorded more than 2 dozen songs just for Teej. Hamal who …

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Interview with singer Juna Prasai

On 2057 BS, from the singing program ‘Timro Suur Mero Geet’, singer Juna Parsai start singing and make herself a singer on this present time. Following the same path on 2062 BS, her new album ‘Naajik’ is released and being closest to Nepali listeners. From this album she become popular in Nepali music industry. Walking in this sector, on 2068 …

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