Interview of an Actress Sanchita Luitel

Actress Sanchita Lutiel is among the biggest Nepali actors. She started her journey in the Film Industry through movie Apsara playing the role of ‘Apsara’. Sanchita does not open up at first but with time every one becomes a very good friends with her. For a while Sachita stayed away from the film industry because of her domestic reasons. She …

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New Archana Paneru interview

Archana Paneru is currently the most popular name in field of Nepal. Archana Paneru is a teenage girl who came into the sight of Nepal after posting some inappropriate and semi naked photos on her Facebook. The girl was originally born in India and later came to Nepal. She takes Sunny Leone as her role model and wants to become …

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Interview with model Archana Paneru

A new interview video with model and actress Archana Paneru has been uploaded on YouTube. The teenager who was once hated by all people over Nepal but now is a actress and model talks about her journey and $tr*uggles to reach where she is now. Archana Paneru was born in Mumbai and she came to Nepal when she was 8 …

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