Interview with Archana Paneru and her Mother Sunita

Archana Paneru a young girl of 17 years old carrying a different aim that is not accepted by the society. She wants to be like Sunny Leone who is the Indian porn actress but now she is into film leaving the p*orn movies. Archana Paneru post the n*u%de pictures on the different website and now due to this she is …

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Interview With Nepali Singer Jhuma Limbu

Jhuma Limbu is the popular face in the Music Industry. The follower of Amber Gurung, Jhuma Limbu is busy on collecting his 50 years old songs. She is coming with her New Album Amar Sangit from which she is following the pattern of those songs that was popular on the time of Ambar Limbu. She is in the process of …

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Interview with Nepali Actress Nandita KC

I want a husband who understand the relationship- Nandita K.C. Recently, the election of the artist was held and the actress Nandita K.C has been elected for vice treasurer. There was the election for every chair. But, she is amazed that what they saw on her so that they elected her as a Vice Treasurer. And she feels like now …

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