Interview of Nepali folk Singer Pashupati Sharma Video

The popular and the most demanding singer Pashupati Sharma, his father wanted him to make him a doctor. But his dream was to be a singer. He did the reverse of his family. In the past or say current time he is being able to stay on the heart of people. His father wanted to call his son as a …

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Interview with Dr. Krishna Hari Baral

Nepali literature and a music field will be incomplete if the name of Dr. Krishnahari Baral has been taken out. Lyricist, songwriter, poet, literary critic, and author   Dr. Krishnahari Baral is a twinkling and dazzling star of Nepal in different sector.He is an icon from previous generation by age but he has been able to capture his image for …

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Interview with Birahi Karki

On the field of Nepali Folk Song Birahi Karki is one of the most popular singer. On 2053 he passed vocal exam from Radio Nepal and onward that he continued his journey in this sector. He is one of the most talented Folk singer in Nepali Music Industry. He says that Folk music should focus the own culture tradition, and …

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