Chetanako Diyo featuring Sumina Ghimire

Full movie of Nepali film Chetanako Diyo has now officially been uploaded on a YouTube channel called Sagun Shrestha. The movie is almost 2 hours long. The main of the movie or the movie has been made to point out the social discrimination that is happening in out society and aware people about it. The movie shows the difference, discrimination …

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Bhagawanle Bato Layko video by Ramu Birahi and Purnakala B.C

There are many girls out there who get into relation ship with some guy just for money. They so not care about love or feelings but all they care about is money. A new Nepali folk song has been uploaded on YouTube which is also about such girls. The title of the song is Bhagawanle Bato Layko’ and it is …

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Teaser of New Nepali Movie The Winner

Official teaser of New Nepali Movie ‘The Winner’ has been released. The teaser has also been uploaded on official YouTube channel of Highlights Nepal. The teaser is 50 second long and it seems very interesting. The teaser alone has already gained more than 11 hundred views on YouTube. The movie has been presented by Diamond Star Films Entertainment and it …

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