China shows off military power

Power is certainly the most important thing in the world and the biggest and the most powerful countries leave no chance to show how strong they are to their opponents. China and America are among the most strong countries in the world and the relation between the two is not so good. China usually tries to diss America and has …

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Tirsana Budhathoki

                                                  Watch Video Click Here Tirsana Budhathoki video Trishna Budhathoki is a Nepali model or say she is the recent topic on the media industry. She has brought up her own song as a singer and she has …

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Chinese Conspiracy in Nepal

After the constitution came on Nepal the cold war between India and Nepal started. Nepalese people faced lots of crisis and shortage due to this war where the India has blocked the border with Nepal so that the import will be stopped and people would face problem and the government could agree with them. That blockage was done for the …

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