Hidden news on Eku’s divorce

Suleman Shankhar is the next in the list of divorcees. He has tied the knot of marriage with Jaya K.C. of pokhara five years ago which was arrange marriage. This Ashar he had divorce. They had the decision of divorce on the occasion of 5th marriage anniversary i.e. Ashar 17. And they both signed the legal document on Ashar 22. …

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Strength and Hopes kept her alive

This is the incident of Zimbabwe. A 13 year old girl Tare was suffering from severe toothache. Her mother Thandiwe thought is just a toothache which will heal soon. But it was not only a toothache but a face tumor. The face tumor was discovered later on. This is the rare one having tumor in face. The operation and treatment …

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keshari’s last breath

Jana kabi keshari Dharmaraj Thapa died in the age of 92 in his own residency located at Swyambhu. For a long time he had health issues. For the condolence his body was kept in Pragya prathisthan , kamladi. He was born on 1981 Shrawan in Pokhara Baturechaur and is famous for his songs like ” hariyo dada mathi halo jotne …

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