Suman Sanga Kanchan Sharma Regmi

People face various problems in their life but some people cannot face the problem and they quit living but some just tackle with their problem and they deal with and overcome through it. Here is the interview with Kanchan Sharma Regmi who has faced lots of struggle in her life. She was married to Engineer and after he got government …

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68 Years Old Women ready to go School

Durga Kami is a Nepalese grandfather who brushes his bushy white beard, puts on his school uniform and puts on his school uniform with the aid of his walking stick. As a child he was prevented from studying because of poverty and also his goal of becoming a teacher. The father of 6 and grand father of 8 now at …

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lemon tree News

In Nepal the traditional method of agriculture or irrigation is used more than the modern one. It is the reason why there is more loss even though it requires more manpower and effort. But with time and slow development, farmers have started to adopt the modern method of agriculture for a better reason. A Nepali YouTube channel called Smart Krishi …

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