High Techno Electric Motorcycle in market..

The fully electric motorcycle have came in a market with high techno facility by Lit Motors Inc. of San Francisco.The motorcycle is a self-balancing, computer-controlled robotic motorcycle that combines technologies in a way never seen before. This motorcycle is referred as ” Lit’s C- 1″. The motorcycle is 9.3-foot long electric motorcycle with room for a driver and a passenger, …

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Can generate electricity from paper and pencil

As the saying of Prime Minister, electricity can be generated not only from rubbish but also the device made with paper, pencil and tape. This device made by home material can be easily run throw the remote control. Ecole Polytechnic the Switzerland’s scientists have unitedly with researchers of University of Tokyo have invented a new short device  which easily generates …

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Road Printing Machine

This is an amazing Machine that prints brick roads. This is not actually named as Road Printer but it is named as Road Printer because it directly prints the road. In this modern era there are many modern technologies introduced in the market, new technologies, new ideas has been able to give lots of advantages as well as the bigger …

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