Robot Video

Nepalese people are being fast forward in terms of science and technology. They are making a history and success in so many research and technology. Hence, this video also shows the technology that has been invented by Nepalese themselves. Here in this video shows the B0*mb disposer invented by 2 Nepalese. This bomb disposer has been enhanced and developed with …

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He developed the bed that protects earthquakes video

E@rt*hquake is a natural calamity which will take a lot of life with itself.Many life have been taken away by this earthquake.No one can stop to this and make a assumption of it’s occurrence. But recently a 66 years old Chinese retiree Wenxi Wang has invented his innovative bed that will give a full protection to the occupant in the …

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A zero pollution solar car

A school dropout from Bengaluru has designed a non-polluting, solar powered car and it probably could be the answer to the dangerously high pollution levels in Indian cities. The inventor Sajjad Ahmed calls his car ‘Surya Jyoti’. The car already made a 3,000 km test run from Bengaluru to New Delhi. And India’s science ministry has decided to take forward …

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