China high tech toilet and its facility

New high tech toilet has been start up in Beijing, China. This toilet is not normal toilet. Wi fi , Vending machine, ATM and TV has been launched out in this toilet. This toilet has been inaugurate for public. China has inaugurate for public on ‘World Toilet Day’ also same day was China’s ‘China Toilet Revolution Propaganda Day’. This toilet …

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Weak WiFi signal? Do these 9 things

Nowadays WiFi is used in every house. Below are 9 tips if you are facing the problem of slow internet connection. 1. Router in the middle of the house: Router should be kept in the middle of the house. Doing this promotes even distribution of WiFi signal throughout the house. 2. Position of Router: Position of router also affects the …

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Einstein and Veda: Science and Scriptural facts

How did Einstein render the principle of Sapekshtawas? What is the age of Brahma? According to Hindu religion the age of Brahma who is believed to be the creator is 100 years. Similarly we might have heard from different mythological stories that the age given to man is 100 years. What is the different? The age of Brahma and human …

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