5 countries in the world where sun never sets

Sometimes we feel that the day would never end. The night would not fall. But what will happen if the sun never sets and night never falls? You might be shocked to know that there are countries in the world where it is always day. Here are 5 countries in the world where sun never sets: 1. Norway: In Norway …

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Indian boy has a life changing operation

A 13 year old boy has his head hung upside down and because of it he was left an outcast in his village in India. Now he has had a life changing surgery to straighten his neck. 13 year old Mahendra Ahirwar suffers from congenital myopathy. It is a rare condition which has left his neck muscle so weak that …

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How China made such a structure?

China’s shocking development since some decades , has not be hidden to the earth. China has made the world surprised with large physical construction all over the country. China has achieved great success in many almost impossible road, bridge and more development. China has invested a huge amount in the construction since last two decades, from long and wide road …

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