“Chaar Dhaam” video by Rewat Rai

Chaar Dhaam is a Nepali song which is very pleasing and soothing as well. In this song you can see how the two boys are attracted towards a single girl. They seems like they are deeply and madly in love with each other and they are continuously following her. She seems to be religious and the girl who is devoted towards cultures and traditions. They have been staring her each day and they are keen to know what do she wants from god. But they never succeed to talk to her, both of them didn’t lose their hope and followed her. Looking her they used to satisfy themselves.

This is the song that is based on one side love story. Birendra Rai wrote the lyrics of this song where Suresh Adhikari composed the music of this song. Rewat Rai filled his melody in this song which sounds very pleasing and touching equally. This song is taken from the album Emerge where you can see the artist like Nita Dhungana, Anup Youngchar Rai & Madhav Pandit as a lead.

Man Krishna Maharjan did the cinematography of this song video which is been directed by Dinesh DC and edited by Nahakul KDK.