Chalecha Batas Sustari by Sworup Raj Acharya

The title song of the film “Chalecha Batas Sustari” has been released. The music of Bikas Chaudhary which is sang by Swaroop Raj Aacharya and Prabisa Aadhikari and choreographed by Ramji Lamichhane and written by Pramod Bhardwaj. This film was produced by Pradeep Bhardwaj and Directed by Sabu Subedi and Anila Khadka. This movie “Chalecha Batas Sustari” is based on love story and will be released in Valentine’s Day, that will be more suitable day to release the movie with great love story.

The shoot of this video was done in kalinchok which contains very beautiful views and feels very pleased and eye-catching. On this beautiful song we can see Pramod Bhardwaj and Sushma Karki with the beautiful scene and love chemistry. This song takes us to the new world of love that is beautifully shown between Pramod Bhardwaj and Sushma Karki.

The song is presented by Crossed Fingers Ent.Pvt.Ltd . This song is Beautiful filled with romance With Great Cinematography. With the great voice of very popular Nepali singer Swaroop Raj Acharya who is very popular Nepali singer and has won various musical award the song was released on Nov 23 within a day this song got more than 2500 views.