Chetanako Diyo featuring Sumina Ghimire

Full movie of Nepali film Chetanako Diyo has now officially been uploaded on a YouTube channel called Sagun Shrestha. The movie is almost 2 hours long.

The main of the movie or the movie has been made to point out the social discrimination that is happening in out society and aware people about it. The movie shows the difference, discrimination and the inequality that persists between the higher caste and lower caste people in our Nepalese society.

The awareness providing movie has is a presentation of Veteran Media. The movie has tackles with the inequality of catse in our society has been directed by Dev Nepal. The movie contains cinematography by Rajesh Ghimire & Shambhu Chalise and the movie has been edited by Bishnu Sharma. The movie is a post production of Super Star and actors Sagun Shrestha, Sumina Ghimire, Dev Nepal, Sarita Dangi, Prem Khadaka, Deepsagar, Kamal, Budhi Adhikari, Sushila Niraula, Krishna Bhakta Maharjan etc are starring in the movie.