Chicken’s meat is getting harmful to health, be careful

chiken-meet (1)Meat of boiler chicken has been a part of dishes of middle class family from long time. Those who do not want to have red meat takes chicken and fish as alternative.But researches has shown that chickens product produce implying different chemical on it for commercial benefits the meat has been harmful for the health.
According to researches done in US, the meat of chicken has threat of making people resistant to antibiotic. That means those people who have chicken when are sick the antibiotic will not work for the diseases.Commercial poultry farmers use antibiotic to prevent chicken from diseases and gives hormones and chemical grains for the rapid development of chicken because of which these king of problem of antibiotic resistance in people has been seen.

According to the report published in Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences journal in India people are going to have 4 thousand 7 hundred 43 tons of chicken per year which were being fed with hard antibiotics. China seems to the number one country which has high rate of chicken consumption.
Chicken are fed with the antibiotic used for the people so that it can have rapid growth and protect it from diseases more than any other animal because of which it effect the health of people more than other.Thus produce chicken when people have it the traces of antibiotics remain in stomach.

Regularly having chicken which are fed antibiotic your body is going to develop resistance to antibiotics.Then when people get caught diseases ans they are given antibiotics to cure it , it wouldn’t work at all as their body has already develop resistance to antibiotic due to more consumption of chicken.
According to WHO, the treatment for the diseases have been going on hard lately due to the different mixture of component in the food and because of this many people are losing their life too. Remember that South Korea and other European country has restrict the use of antibiotic to chicken or selling the chicken which are feed antibiotic.If any one is found to happen this they are going to get punishment.