Chokho Maya video by Sirju Adhikari

Chokho Maya is a Nepali sentimental song which is very heart touching. Some people does a lot in love but nothing happens to them. They sacrifice a lot but they are never appreciated and blamed instead and this lead a break and that results the heart break. They just gets regret in their life.

Similarly here in this song video you can feel the same. Here the girl has [email protected] all her love and given him true and fair love but she got nothing in return except heart breaks. This broke her apart and it was so hard to live alone with lots of memories filled with regrets. She is shattered and heart broken which you can feel on this song video.

Such a beautiful such is written by Sagar Bhandari and the music was composed by Sirju Adhikari and the melody was also filled by her. Devendra Newa arranged this music video. Mohan Bogati and Sirju Adhikari are the main models in this song. The entire story is carried by them. Their love chemistry is shown in this video which is been directed by Nitin Chand and cinematography was also done by him where Rupesh Khadka edited this song video.