Chumera Najarle video by Deepak Limbu

Highlights Nepal presents a Nepali love song ” Chumera Najarle” which is very pleasing and melodious. In this song you can see the first stage when people fall in love with each other.

When someone is in love for the first time they start being lost on their love, whatever they do they start to miss each other, they wants to spend their time with each other and they just want to stay away from them, as they start day dreaming with each other.

Here in this song you can feel the same. A man who goes to office sees a girl who is very beautiful that caught his eyes and mind and he started to like her from then. After that both of them started to love each other which you can see on this beautiful video of the beautiful song which is been written by Bishna Birahi, music is composed by Shambhujeet Baskota and the melody on this song is given by Deepak Limbu. Rajendra Moktan felt the color on this song video.

Riyaj & Sonu are seen as a couples on this song as the story of this song is based on their love and the video is been directed by Anupam Shah and cinematography is done by Kshitij Subedi.