C*uel Elephant and the reaction of the local people

Bardia National Park is a protected area in Nepal which was established in 1988 and it is the largest and most undisturbed national park in Nepal.

bardiyaBut nowadays the elephant is getting c*ruel to the local people on intermediate area. Elephant is a giant animal and it’s structure is so huge that it can destroy the life and property of people. Since 1 week in the intermediate area the jungle elephants is [email protected] more than dozen house.

They have been de$troying the property of people out there. In that national park there is no any wall or electric wire so these elephants are entering easily to the village. The villagers are complaining about this problems. They tells that these elephants mostly comes at night and they are doing all this things so the areas like Shivapur Hattisar, Betahani, Dalla, Kailashi, Pattharbojhi villages are getting problems with this. Elephants there has destroyed green-park hotel and 7 other home along with it at Shivapur Hattisar. Similarly it has destroyed 2 home in Bethanai and other home in different areas and this has been informed by Hemanta Acharya.

Here is a video about that place and the activities of the elephant which is affecting local people out there.