Dhuja Dhuja video by Kamal Khatri

Dhuja Dhuja is a Nepali love song which is very soothing and it sounds very pleasing. This songs is filled with the feeling of love and emotions. Some people gets so deep in love that they stop thinking about anything else except love.

They just waits them, they just want them even though they don’t get same thing on return. In this song too you can see the boy crazily falling for a girl, he loves everything about her, he don’t expect anything from her but he gives his entire life and love to her. He named his life to her. This is just a r*omantic feeling and the girl seems to be very lucky to find someone who loves her like anything.

Such a wonderful lyrics of this song is written by Shiva Bhusal and the music too is composed by him where the meldoy is filled by very own and popular singer Kamal Khatri. Dev Kumar Thapa and Anu Shah are the main models on this song as they are carrying the story of this song in a very realistic way. Yubaraj Waiba directed this music video where the cinematography is done by Utsav Dahal and edited by Nishan Ghimire and arranged by Krishna B.K.