Dipa Basnet who got an award after directing her first movie

 ‘Antaral’ has directed her first short film. The short movie directed by her has been released through YouTube. The movie is based on $**exu@*l psychology, it is also based on story ‘Bhado’ of popular writer Gobinda Malla Gothale and has been released. She wanted to direct this movie from 2010.

While going on the floor for the cinematography of ‘Bhado’, the shepherd was doing a hu**ge and last $t**ruggle in his life. Writer Gothale was willing to see his story which has been directed and brought to screen by Dipa. But the wish of him did not some true. Remembering the days of cinematography of ‘Bhado’ Dipa said, ‘At the moment Malla was f!g**ht**ing with de@*th, I took his permission and made the movie. He used to say that he would watch the movie too but he d!**ed before the completion of the movie.’

The movie which is based in the $**exu@*l psychology of a boy who works at a man’s house and lives there was first premièred in Film Fiesta 2010 organized in Nepal and was officially selected and released in the Nepali Film Fare 2011 .
The movie presented by Jiwan Sathi Films has cinematography by Ramesh Dhimal and has been edited by Ashim Chitrakar. In the movie, Nawaraj Khadka, Shanti Giri, Laxman Neupane, Yugjyoti Kriyasil. Sisir Joshi and Jyoti Magar are in lead roles.