Fashion Le Khayo video by Tika Pun

With time the change in Nepali folk song can be seen very clearly. Nepali folk songs are getting more modern and are catching up with the current trends and changes.

A new Nepali folk song has been uploaded on YouTube and it also has some modern twist to it. The title of the song is ‘Fashion Le Khayo’ and it is about the extreme fashion that is taking over. It is not a bad thing but in our culture some fashions are not accepted and the singer is singing how those fashions are attracting attention.

The singer of the folk song ‘Fashion Le Khayo’ are Tika Pun & Man Singh Khadka. The lyrics of the song have been written by Lokendra BK and the music composer of the song is Chhabilal Bista. The music video of the song has been directed by Kapil Lama and artists Surendra and Laxmi are starring in it.