How Funny Talk Priyanka Karki & Dayahang Rai with Shyam Aryal

How Funny talk is a show where the various interviews of celebrities are taken. And in this show here Shyam Aryal is taking an interview with Priyanka Karki and Dayahang Rai. These both artist are the most demanding and talented artist during this day. They are been so popular and loved by most of the people.

Dayahang Rai is popular with his act and everyone from old people to young they loves him and similarly Priyanka karki she is recently seen in most of the film and she is been demanding and talented actress and she is been loved internationally as well. Artist does a lot of compromises just to impress others. They works day and night to entertain the people and same thing they have said on this interview. People judge the artist very easily but artist doesn’t come up easily.

There are lots of hard work and sacrifice behind every single artist and Priyanka Karki seems to be given lots of sacrifices for this field and she is succeed to give continuity and entertain people with her acts and dance. This two pairs has been seen in many movies and their pairs is been liked by most of the people and here in this interview too they are seen together.