“How Funny” Title Song Ft. Keki Adhikari & Priyanka Karki

Movie How Funny is to be released on April 22. This movie have created a lots of sensation in the industry along with lots of expectation. But the result is yet to be wait. However, in the same sensation, the team have released their title song “How Funny”.

Keki Adhikari and Priyanka Karki have seen in this title song with lots of dancing and drama. The song shows Keki Adhikari and Priyanka Karki in very fun loving person in this released song. Malvika Subba produced this movie is directed from Nilu Doma Sherpa. Choreography in the movie is of Rensha Rai. Shan Basnyat is story writer, where Hari Humagain is a cinematography man of the movie. Nimesh Shrestha have edited the movie.

Suresh Adhikari have given the music to this upcoming movie with the lyrics of Renji Sagar Rai. Deepu Paudel have played an importanta role as a make-up artists as she have given different look to every character in this movie. Sayal Shrestha is a stylist of the movie and Yubi Thapa have designed the costume of the movie.