How to get lo#st mobile

Here is the news that is very important for the awareness to the people who still know nothing about it.

In old days, it was very hard to find the phone that is lost but since the IME registration code is been in trend it is very easy to find out the phone that is lost.

People cannot easily take anyone’s phone. These days IME code has been so great to the people and they are lucky enough to get back their phone which is lost but you need to know and register the IME code of the phone. Here in this video there is a report of the police who said that if anyone lost the phone they can report there with the IME number they will be getting it soon after the report is registered. If someone stoles it there is a law of thief for such people and they are treated in that way, but when people finds it randomly than the police will call them and ask them to drop that phone nearby the police office.

This is such a great news for people and now the phone can be safe in all the way with the help on IME code.