Gorkhali Thito video by Ram Kumar Gurung

Currently director Sudip Baral is showing his active presence in the field of music video direction and a new music video of his has been released. At first he entered the music video field through editing but now he has directed more than 300 music videos. He is also known to be a very good camera person. He who came to Kathmandu from Chitwan is among the best camera men. In music video ‘ekai bachan bola, mari jane chola’ he showed his extraordinary filming ability.

He has brought the feelings of song with words and music of RajKumar Gurung. The music video contains music composition by Sahas Samyojan and audio has been edited by Santosh Poudel. Through the song he has brought Ranjita Gurung, Pushpa, Ritik in the music video. The music video has been arranged by Bishnu Hari Timilsina and the music video also contains cinematography by Dipendra Timilsina.