HAREK MANISKO Video By Anju Panta

Singer Anju Panta is revealing that some point of life of every people goes through pain and $tr*uggle. Every people goes through the hardship of journey and gets shattered into pieces. Anju Pant again made her appearance in the industry with her voice in the song “HAREK MANISKO” with these truth of life.

Anju is shouting out loud that there is pain hiding behind the smiling face of people in certain point of time. Actress Barsha Raut have given the synchronization to Anju Panta voice in the music video of the song. And Paul Shah is in opposite role of Barshha. They are [email protected] the time or phage of life where life becomes all alone and could not decide that what to do with life. Paul have left Barsha live in this distress situation alone in the music video song.

This painful direction have been carried by Bibhor Pokhrel and captured by camera of Anil K. Manandhar. Tekendra Shah have edited the music video. The Divine Music have produced the audio and video of the song. Arjun Pokhrel have given the music to the song. R.P. Dahal have written the bitter truth of every single person of universe.