Ho Mero Sari video by Tika Pun

With the most important festival of Nepali women i.e. Teej only a few months away, the number of new Nepali Teej songs being released in the Nepali music Industry and market is sky rocketing.

Now every day a new Nepali Teej song is being released and the songs are getting more and more interesting. With the number of releases, tone of the new songs that has been released is ‘Ho Mero Sari ‘. The music video of the song has even been uploaded on official YouTube channel of Music Nepal. The song is a very interesting and fun song which represents Teej perfectly.

The song has the perfect feel of Teej as the music video of the song shows women dressed in red dancing and enjoying. The singer of the new Teej song is Tika Pun and the lyrics of the song have been written by Dharmaraj Giri who is also the music composer of the song. The music video of the song has been directed by Shiva BK.