How China made such a structure?

China’s shocking development since some decades , has not be hidden to the earth. China has made the world surprised with large physical construction all over the country.

China has achieved great success in many almost impossible road, bridge and more development. China has invested a huge amount in the construction since last two decades, from long and wide road to bridge at the top of ocean and tunnels.

1. Zhongnan Mountain Highway Tunnelzhongnan-tunnel
36 Miles long this tunnel connects the Maoming and Baotou of China. It is one of the world’s largest construction.It takes 15 minutes to drive across to the tunnel.

2. Hangzhou Bay Bridge chinaHangzhou-Bay-Bridge-china
Hangzhou Bay Bridge is the world’s longest bridge built at the above level of ocean. This bridge length is 36 kilometers. The construction of this bridge was started since 2003 AD and it was completed on 2007 AD. It was started on use since 2008 AD.

3.Zigzags RoadThe-24-Zigzags
Actually, it is the name of the place.. There are 24 tutning in this 4 kilometers long road. This road was built since second world war. This road was constructed to import and export of west stuff which was blocked with the close of Burma Road by Japan. Later, it was named Stilwell Road.

4. Suhua HighwaySuhua-Highway
Suhua Highway is the popular landscape road which connects from Pacific Ocean to hills. 118 kilometers long this highway reached to the hill from sea shore . This road starts from Suaao and reached to Hualien city.

5.Aizhai Winding Mountain RoadAizhai-Winding-Mountain-Road
This road lies at Hunan Province seems the enough [email protected]^ou$ as much as it looks beautiful. Being constructed at the hill side, it has lots of winding turning points.

6. Aizhai Suspension BridgeAizhai-Suspension-Bridge-
The length of the bridge is 1 km. which lies in the Aizhai city of Hunan Province. This red color bridge have more than 1800 of the roads lights. This bridge is very beautiful and huge.

7. Tibet’s Winding HighwayTibet’s-Winding-Highway-
This highway of high hills of Tibet seems beautiful and [email protected]^rou$ This started with the Chengdu Yala hill.

8. Wall built up the highwayTibet’s-Winding-Highway
This highway has been built by craving the cliffs which lies at Sanji Province. This is regarded as one of the most [email protected]^rou$ road in the world.