Hridaya Ma Jawaniko video by Shreeman Thulung

Hridaya Ma Jawaniko is a love [email protected] song with a pleasing love story on it. With the increase in age people will have different wants and wanting someone to love and being with them is also one of the wants of the age and same vibes is on this song.

Here is a story about a boy and girl, they were hanging out in one of the restaurant with live music, one of the man started to sing the song and the boy gets lost in his song staring at the girl in front of him.

He seems to be in deep love with her. As we need some companion with the increase in age he wants her to fulfill his each and every wants and give him company all the time. The girl seems to be shy with him, may be they both are in first step of love. This is such a beautiful song and the beautiful video.

Shreeman Thulung wrote the lyrics of this song where he composed the music and felt the melody on this song. The song seems to be love song where the story of this song is presented by Priya and Raj and the video of this song is directed by Milan Gurung.