Hunchha Mayama Official Teaser

These days we can see lots of beautiful song on the market and recently we are about to hear the new song of singer Udesh Shrestha featuring Girish Khatiwada. This song is named as “Huncha Mayama” and this song seems to be a love song.

Here is the video teaser of this song which is been recently released and we can see some parts and asssume the story and complete song through it. This tesaer is getting popular in the market as it got introduced. This music video is been directed by Photographer Suren Shrestha who is from Sydney Australia and the lyrics, music and meldoy is filled by Udesh Shrestha. You can see the artist like Suren Shrestha, Archana Karki and child artist Anjilica Shrestha.

In this teaser you can see love between two couples. Whatever happens when people are in love is shown on this video. When people be in love they be happy as well as lots of things makes them sad. People should face lots of obstacles when they be in relationship and love and only that pair gets succeed who conquers every obstacles together.